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On March 31, we celebrate Cesar Chavez’ birthday—an official holiday in eight states and dozens of cities and communities throughout the nation. Cesar’s courage forever changed the lives and working conditions of farm workers.

Today, Cesar’s struggle for farm workers continues. This year, thousands of workers from all over California are preparing to march for Cesar and at the same time give growers a message that they are ready to fight for their rights. The UFW is putting resources into a full month of marches and events throughout California and nationwide–including marches in Delano, Oxnard, Salinas and Santa Rosa.

We’re trying to make sure as many farm workers as possible can join in. We need your support to pay for permits, flags, and organizers — who can then follow up with the thousands of workers attending these events.

Will you help uphold Cesar’s extraordinary legacy? You can do this through making a gift to the UFW to continue Cesar’s historic fight for justice in the fields and across America.


Stand with La Causa and help continue the union’s mission by becoming a Supporting Member of the UFW. Through your support, we can celebrate “the dream of a better future” on Cesar Chavez Day…and every day of the year. Any amount you give will help to improve the lives of farm workers and their families!

Reprinted from the http://www.ufw.org