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St. Eusibius of Vercelli

St. Eusibius of Vercelli

Feast Day of St. Eusebius of Vercelli, a bishop, sent by Pope Liberius on a mission to Emporer Constantius to try to resolve the troubles between the Arians and the Christians.  The Arians seeming to agree, Constantius convened a council in Milan in 355.  The powerful Arians however weren’t there to talk but to force their own will on the others. A horrified Eusebius watched as his worst fears were confirmed and the Arians made this peace council into a condemnation of Saint Athanasius, their chief opponent. Eusebius, unafraid of their power, slapped the Nicene Creed down on the table and demanded that everyone sign in before condemning Athanasius.  The Nicene Creed, adopted by a council of the full Church, proclaims that Jesus is one in being with the Father — directly contradicting the Arian teaching.  The emperor then tried to force Eusebius, Saint Dionysius of Milan, and Lucifer of Cagliari to condemn Athanasius under pain of death. They steadfastly refused to condemn a man who far from being a heretic was supporting the truth. Instead of putting them to death, the emperor exiled them.

Eusebius was exiled to two other places before Constantius’ successor Julian let him and the other exiled bishops return home in 361. The problem was not over and Eusebius spent his last years working hard to counteract the damage the Arians had done and continued to do. After working with Athanasius and taking part in councils, he became a latter-day Saint Paul traveling all over in order to strengthen the faith and spread the truth.  Eusebius died on August 1, 371.

Anniversary of the death of Sister Dolores Armer, Foundress of SHF 1872