ArredondoI first felt the charism of the Congregation come alive in my life when I was missioned to Los Angeles. I began working with high school students and their families in relation tp the problems the youth encountered, especially in school. When I joined Las Hermanas, after pursuing them for a year, I was involved in several soda! justice issues including Cesar Chavez’s fight for the rights of field workers. I experienced first-hand the maliciousness of the farm owners toward their workers. Afterward I went to Southeastern Utah, continued organizing with a few Chicana/os to combat the prejudice/discrimination toward the Spanish speaking in the schools, the government, and within the Mormon and Catholic Churches. From there I continued to experience the charism of Mother Dolores alive in my life.

They have given me and taught me more than you can imagine. My commitment and respect has grown even stronger since my involvement with the Sisters because I am empowered by them. I have felt their charism, their joy of giving, and I feel their deep love and respect for people, and for the tireless work that they do. They inspire me as do those wonderful dying souls and their loved ones. And if the Kingdom of God is here on earth, it most certainly is in Hospice.