Isaiah 35:4-7a; Psalm 146; James 2:1-5; Mark 7:31-37

Today’s readings all seem to be about reversals. Our God is a God who changes things around, who reverses the order of things. He opens blind eyes, clears deaf ears, sets the lame to leaping and the mute to singing. God brings forth streams from the desert, ponds from burning sands, springs of water from thirsty ground. God finds justice for the oppressed, food for the hungry, protection for the stranger, sustenance for the fatherless and the widow. The Lord chooses the poor to be rich and to be the heirs of God’s own kingdom. And in our Gospel, our God-become-human visibly in our midst opens the ears of a deaf man, brings forth the voice of a mute man. Who today is called upon to be the agent of much of this change, this reversal? Who but the disciple? We are to use our God-given talents to turn things upside-down, to reverse injustice and discrimination, and to help usher in God’s own kingdom.

What situation in the world today would you like to reverse? What are you doing to make that happen?