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Sr. Geraldine Garbarino

Reminiscing on the paces we taught religion to the public school children is very interesting. I love to ponder on the different environments in which we held our classes. This is one of the reasons loved my ministry.

My first class was in a Catholic school classroom. It was taught on a Saturday It was in San Francisco at St. Elizabeth’s Church. At Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in North Beach, class was held on the stage in the church hall.

Later being missioned out of San Francisco, classes for release time were held on a platform in a large area where prunes were delivered. Another setting was a garage at a person’s home. Many took place in a hall with several classes at one time. One was even held in a small kitchen in the hall.

There was one which was my favorite. It was in a farm next to the public school. Sheep surrounded us, and I do not think much regular teaching was done. This was one class the children loved to attend. One situation was an old bus out in the desert in Reno, Nevada. Another in a church sacristy.  One class was held in a wonderful basement area with heat in the cold weather. Another was one under cherry trees.

Those were missionary years and being young, we could put up with many inconveniences whick were truly at that time a real challenge.

Classes were in different places taught,
Yet lessons carefully planned
Listening was important
for the spiritual food to be caught.


“Somewhere something is waiting to be known.”

–Blaise Pascal

I am now a retired Sister of the Holy Family and live at the Motherhouse in Fremont,  California.  Each day is a blessing and I treasure and seize its each moment to the fullest. Daily I think of all the happy moments of family, friends, ministry and trips. The have been an important part of my life.