By Sr. Geraldine Garbarino

In 1996 the San Francisco mint made a new supply of pennies. Golden Penny was one of them. He and the newcomers were packed with 49 others in a paper roll to be sent to the Bank of America. This was Penny’s home for about a month, when one day he was packed in a cloth bag with his brothers and sisters and taken to a large department store. He had to get used to his home, but not for long as he became change to a woman after her purchase. Now h home was in a tiny stuffy space in a coin purse. Later he went through a woman’s hand to a clerk in a grocery store. Now he was in the cash register another tight area. Again he traveled from the store to a child whose mother gave him some other coins for her son’s allowance, his next stop was in a candy store, but nor for long, He next landed in a small dish on a counter where people gave for others to share. One day he found himself in a pocket, then not being wanted, was dropped on the street.

People would walk over Penny and he was so sad that he felt homeless and not wanted. However, he was soon picked up b an old woman who seemed happy in her find. The next time the woman went to church, Penny went into the basket with some of his brothers. It was such a nice feeling and warm being in church, so different from his other homes. Soon he was back again inside a paper roll and began life again at the Bank of America.

Life went on and on with nothing exciting happening except one special day. Another old woman saw him all dusty and black, and took Penny and made him golden and shiny again like the day he was born. The lady handled him with love and put him in a special album with some other pennies. So his life ended on a happy note. There was no more traveling, not knowing what would happen next, but finally he had a special cozy home in an album with 1996, his birthday printed under it. Often some of her friends opened the album and loved to look at the shiny face commenting on the year he was born.  It was too good to be back with his brothers and sisters.