O God, our loving Father, one
who listens to our prayers when
we are in need—we come to you
with an urgent plea for your intercession.
For centuries young
men and women have heeded
your call to ‘Come, follow Me’
and given of themselves as
priest, sisters and brothers. The
call for laborers to come to the
harvest is still there and the need
is great. Open the minds, hearts
and desires of many to answer
that call and give of themselves
to spread the Good News wherever
they are needed, especially
to seek out and find those who
are most in need.
We pray especially for the
needs of our community. Our
members are few but the need is
great to be able to minister
where we are needed. Please
bring new life into our community
so we may be able to spread the
Gospel as we have done in the
past and to be of service to those
in need. Be gracious and listen
to our prayer. Amen.