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Eri and Dora have returned to Merced after their 3 month English emersion experience here with the Sister.

Below is the Blessing for Eri and Dora:

As they journey home to new ministries
Thanksgiving Day 2009
Holy Family Motherhouse Chapel
Celebrant: May the Lord turn his face towards us
and guide our feet onto the way of peace.
Sr. Gladys: Blessed be God for ever. (She calls Eri and Dora to come forward.)
Like the pilgrims who left their homeland and traveled to a distant shore,
let us entrust those who are leaving to the hands of the Lord.
Let us pray that God will give them a prosperous journey
and that as they travel, they will praise him in all his creatures;
that they will experience God’s own goodness in the hospitality they receive
and bring the Good News of salvation to all those they meet;
that they will be courteous toward all;
that they will greet the poor and afflicted with kindness
and know how to comfort and help them.
Celebrant: All-powerful and ever-living God,
When Abraham and Sara left their on land
and departed from their own people,
you kept them safe throughout their journey.
Protect Eri and Dora, who are also your servants:
walk by their side to help them;
be their companion and their strength on the road
and their joy in adversity.
Lead them, O Lord, so that they will reach their destination in safety
to engage in new ministries.
We ask this blessing through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Concluding Blessing:

Sister Gladys:  I invite the Sisters to extend their hands in blessing.

In paths of peace may the Lord God guide you, and may God send his holy angel Raphael to accompany you on your way: through Christ our Lord. Amen.