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Exploring Websites and Music

¬      Highlight/star the ones from the “Sites to Surf” that are mentioned by participants. Add addresses of those not on the list. Write down name of musicians and song titles that are helpful.

You Tube Videos

¬      Do a search for videos that highlight 3 different vocations: priest, lay ecclesial minister, woman religious, brother, deacon. What did you hear?

¬      Review one or two of CNN Heroes, (few minutes clip) and discuss how that person felt called to a particular form of service. What keeps them motivated? What personal gift or charisma does s/he have in order to make a difference?

¬      Which person won Hero of the Year award for December 2009?

Facebook /Blog

¬      Find a Facebook page or blog for a woman  religious, priest, deacon, brother, lay ecclesial minister and for  Catholic singles and married couples. What did you learn?

Sites to Surf

America (Jesuit publication) http://www.americamagazine.org
St. Anthony (American Catholic) http://www.americancatholic.org
Busted Halo (Paulist) http://www.bustedhalo.com
Catechism of the Catholic Church http://www.scborromeo.org/ccc.htm
Catholic Information Center http://www.catholic.net
Catholics on Call http://www.catholicsoncall.org
Catholic Resources (Directories, etc.) http://www.catholic-church.org/cid
Centering Prayer http://www.centeringprayer.com
Daily Reflections & Prayer onlineministries.creighton.edu/CollaborativeMinistry/daily.html
Giving Voice (Reflections by younger women religious) http://www.giving-voice.org
Good Ground Press http://www.goodgroundpress.com
Latino Hispanic Catholics (Vocation Guide and OYE) http://www.vocacioncatolica.com
Liturgical Readings (any year plus great links) http://www.easterbrooks.com/personal/calendar
Liturgy of the Hours http://www.universalis.com
Mary Page, campus.udayton.edu/mary/
Mass Times Everywhere http://www.masstimes.org/dotNet/Default.aspx
My Catholic Voice http://www.mycatholicvoice.com
National Coalition for Church Vocations http://www.nccv-vocations.org
National Conference for Diocesan Vocation Directors http://www.ncdvd.org
National Religious Vocation Conference http://www.nrvc.net
Pray as you go (daily prayer for your mp3 player) http://www.pray-as-you-go.org
Preaching www.opreach.org
Prepare the Word http://www.PrepareTheWord.com
Priests of the Sacred Heart http://www.scjvocation.org
Prepare for Sunday Mass http://www.liturgy.slu.edu
Religious Orders and Articles http://www.visionguide.info
Sacred Space http://www.jesuit.ie/prayer
Serra http://www.serraus.org
U.S. Catholic Publication http://www.uscatholic.org
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops http://www.usccb.org
Vocation Match (TrueQuest) http://www.vocationmatch.com
Vocations and Prayer (Rogationist publication) http://www.vocationsandprayer.org
Word Net www.wordnet.tv
World Library Publications http://www.wlp.com
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