2: Feast of Presentation of the Lord.

3: Optional memorial of Blase, bishop and martyr. Optional memorial of Ansgar, bishop.

5: Memorial of Agatha, virgin and martyr.

6: Memorial of Paul Miki and companions, martyrs.

7: Psalter I, Ordinary Time Week 5.

8: Optional memorial of Jerome Emiliani.

10: Memorial of Scholastica, virgin.

11: Optional memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes.

14: Psalter II, Ordinary Time Week 6. (Optional memorial of Cyril, monk, and Methodius, bishop.)

17: Ash Wednesday; Beginning of Lent. (Optional memorial of Seven founders of the order of Servites.)

21: Psalter I, Lent Week 1. (Optional memorial of Peter Damian, bishop and doctor.)

22: Feast of Chair of St. Peter, apostle.

23: (Memorial of Polycarp, bishop and martyr.)

28: Psalter II, Lent Week 2.