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Happy New Year! ~Year of the Tiger~ 2010

Happy New Year to all, and especially to our Asian American friends, for this, the Year of the Tiger!

Sisters of the Holy Family have a long and treasured history of working with Asian Americans in the Bay area and beyond. The following is just a bit of our history with this, very amazing community of  friends!

  • St. Francis Day Home in San Francisco the Sisters of the Holy Family ministered to the Chinese Community and the Japanese Community from 1881 to 1970.
  • Sisters of the Holy Family began ministering in Fresno in 1927 at the invitation of Bishop John B. MacGinley, their mission, to bring the Word of God to the vast numbers of children inhabiting the fertile growing region of California’s Big Valley. St. Genevieve’s in Fresno is where many of the Sisters of the Holy Family ministered to the Chinese Community.  The Sisters have been in Fresno over 80 years.
  • Sister Michaela O’Connor is ministering with the Kmhmu Community. New this year for the first time 17 adults and 10 young adults are preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  The adult classes are on Sunday or Friday evenings for two hour sessions and the young adult classes are on Wednesday for a two hour session.  They are studying the readings of Sunday and following the RCIA process.
  • Sister Michaela may be traveling to Santa Ana this year to train adults in the Kmhmu Community to be teachers of Catechetics for children.  Sister is projecting a week in the springtime, a week in the fall and a week in the winter to begin this training.
  • Sister Joan Litch also works with Kmhmu’ Catholic community as a diocesan liaison in Fresno.

New Year of the Tiger 2010