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Genesis 15:5-12,17-18; Psalm 27; Philippians 3:17–4:1; Luke 9:28b-36

In all of the times that I have heard this reading, I never once before registered the word “exodus” as the subject of the conversation between Jesus, Moses and Elijah. Just as every year I hear something new in the Epiphany readings, I hear something new every time I hear any of scripture proclaimed, even if I just hear it from the new perspective of my life one year later than the last time I heard it. The Exodus was the defining moment for God’s people in the Hebrew Scriptures; it was what formed them into “a people” from a disorganized and motley group of slaves in Egypt. The song “Change Our Hearts” has the line in it, “We are the people your call set apart.” God’s chosen people were set apart by the Exodus, their call to escape from slavery in Egypt. We are set apart, too, by a call: a call to escape from slavery to sin and to move into the freedom of the children of God. Jesus, our leader in this Exodus, bears our sins in a mystical way and offers forgiveness so that we might start anew.

How does Jesus’ sacrifice free you to escape from sin and live as a child of God?