Encourage vocations by being at peace

EACH OF US plays an important role in vocation promotion. Whether we are lay Catholics or members of consecrated life, as Christian disciples we are all called to invite others into the life of Christ and to encourage faith-filled people to consider a church vocation.

But invitation is not enough, says Catholic sociologist Bryan Froehle in his Pastoral Trends column for PrepareTheWord.com. “Vocations depend on inspiring example and personal witness. . . . Young people are looking for qualities of dedication and approachability, a sense of peace and contentment. . . .This may suggest that the most we can do to lift up vocations in the next generation, whether vocations to religious life and church sevice or simply as faithtul followers of Christ, will be how effectively we witness to who we are rather than what we do.”

Originally published in VISION E-Vocation Newsletter