Week of the Young Child 2010: April 11th—17th!

Week of the Young Child

Last year’s Theme:

Working families need child care and supportive employer policies to be able to meet the needs of their young children throughout the day.

  • In the United States the majority of mothers with children under age 18 work, including 59% of those with infants and 74% of those with school-aged children.
  • Approximately 13 million infants, toddlers, and preschool children are regularly in non-parental care in the United States, including 45% of children younger than one year.
  • The Census Bureau reports that approximately 50% of working families rely on child care providers to help them care for their children while they work; 25% rely on relatives for child care; and nearly 25% arrange work schedules so that no child care is needed (e.g. parents work different hours or days; one parent works during school hours and is home after school)