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In December of 2007 the Redevelopment Agency and the Library Department-Early Care and Education unit of the City of San Jose invited proposals from non-profit organizations. St. Elizabeth’s Day Home completed a proposal. In 1999, the Smart Start San Jose program was dedicated to increasing the number of quality child care spaces. This was to expand the capacity of preschools, and to increase the capabilities of early childhood development professionals to directly improve the early education experience for young children and their families.

The nonprofits who would receive redevelopment funds and increase capacity would gain the honor of being a “Smart Start Center of the City of San Jose.” The City of San Jose has a history of commitment to increasing access to high quality early care and education.

By November of 2008, we were informed that the Redevelopment Agency had awarded St. Elizabeth’s Day Home an agreement amount of $400,000. We had to secure $50,000 of necessary funding to complete the construction improvements. The Sisters of the Holy Family sponsorship assisted us to carry out the mission to serve additional families and children in need. The total amount was directed for the remodel of our existing aging building, Bandoni Hall. The project’s timeline was in the funding cycle of FY 2007-2008 and 2009-2010. Barry Swenson Builders won the bid, they have been wonderfully supportive.

We are pleased to announce, St. Elizabeth’s Day Home, April 2010 is in final finishing scope of the renovation construction in Bandoni Hall.

The funding amount has a direct correlation to the number of spaces and the years of the Smart Start San Jose child care service, we are committed to our new partnership and proud to be a Smart Start Center of the City of San Jose. Our next goal is to enroll the families and children into the new classroom. Currently, we are working on forming a partnership to help us support the enrollment of new families who are in need of high-quality early care and education.

As we move forward in this prolonged economic downturn, child care centers have been hit particularly hard. We are thankful to the people who believe in our work of laying the foundation for young children’s lifelong learning.

Soon we will display our official sign which reads:

Smart Start San Jose, St. Elizabeth’s Day Home Early Care and Education Child Care Center, In Partnership with the City of San Jose, San Jose Redevelopment Agency, Ellen S. Judge Family Trust, The Ladies of Charity, Barry Swenson Builder, and our founders, The Sisters of the Holy Family.