By Sr. Geraldine Garbarino

Wine has always been part of my life and one of my favorite subjects. My family had a bottle of wine on the dinner table each evening. In the third room of our large basement was a wine cellar complete with three barrels and in the far corner a crusher to crush the grapes. This is where my father would make the wine. I never could understand where he got the time as he worked six days a week.

We were fortunate to have Uncle Nicholas, who owned a ranch where he grew the Concord grapes in Clayton, California. Each season crates of grapes were delivered on the sidewalk to our home. Upon their arrival began the process of wine making.

Growing up I loved to watch my father put his boots on and begin the procedures needed for the grapes. I often said if I had married it would have had to be someone in the wine business up in the wine country with all their vineyards.

On special occasions in the convent we have different wines to make a festive occasion. Now each day, being the sacristan, I have the privilege to fill the chalice with wine for the priest to consecrate during our daily mass. We are so blessed with such a wonderful gift.