How can I give my friends a Gift that would be a special part of me?

Haiku are seemingly simple:  something about nature or life in a 17 syllable form or in the one I mainly use  (5-7-5).

Haiku focuses on the here and now….the present moment.  Haiku are written from experience, actual and concrete.  Because it is a part of yourself, it is uniquely personal.

Sister Lucille Hintz

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Haiku is a touchstone from which springs various levels of meaning that you feel in your bones. Thus we need to be nonjudgmental and free ourselves to be open to what may be.  This requires a sense of reverence and of oneness.

For as you read any Haiku, you may feel a change here or there would make it read better and, behold, you have a new Haiku with your meaning.

The ancients said that Haiku was given to you by the spirits; if given then, you need humility to receive.  Modern Haiku often contain human activities and even feelings and opinions of the writer, as well as the older form using the glories of nature.  Because Haiku does not use rhyming, the thought opens for your exploration.  Every Haiku is a shared thought, so you are really giving a part of yourself away.  So much more personal than fiction.

This then is my GIFT to you, my friends. Think about the Haiku.  Next, write your own Haiku, which you will like even more than mine.  Because they are YOU!

God bless each of you.


Sister Lucille Hintz,  2008