Tell Congress to Support a Robust Child Nutrition Reauthorization

Take Action!

Child NutritionWhat:

Catholic Charities USA along with our anti-hunger partners is working to generate momentum for the passage of a strong Child Nutrition Reauthorization. We need you to join us and other anti-hunger advocates from across the country by calling your Members of Congress.

Action Needed:

Call Your Members of Congress to advocate for a robust Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) bill. Use this direct connection to the Capitol switchboard: 1-800-815-3740. To look up your representative, please click on the following link: https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml.


  • To support a strong, robustly-funded child nutrition bill; urge them to press for $1 billion a year for 10 years in new funding for the reauthorization as outlined in the President’s budget proposal.
  • At least $1 billion per year in new investments is needed for child nutrition programs. This investment will allow us to increase program access and participation for low-income kids, fill gaps in program delivery, and combat child hunger.
  • With nearly a quarter of America’s children struggling against hunger, the time for strong action is now. Congress must complete the Child Nutrition Reauthorization this year.


As summer approaches, legislative activity is heating up on Child Nutrition Reauthorization!  Details are beginning to emerge on the House’s version of a child nutrition bill, and Catholic Charities USA long with other advocates are making a big push before the House draft is released. The House Education and Labor Committee will soon release its draft of a CNR bill, so this is a critical time to make your voice heard to ensure the legislation makes significant progress against child hunger.

The President requested $1 billion per year in new investments for Child Nutrition Reauthorization. With nearly one in four children at-risk of hunger, at least this amount is needed to strengthen child nutrition programs and make significant progress toward ending childhood hunger.

The Senate Agriculture Committee passed a child nutrition bill in March with $450 million per year, about halfway toward the President’s request. Now as the House Education and Labor Committee prepare to release their draft bill, this is a critical moment to influence how much funding and what provisions are included in the House bill. Grassroots action is needed to demonstrate broad, national support for a robust child nutrition reauthorization.