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Prayer for Catechist and Parents

Your faith is like a single flame from a match stick,

Flickering quietly.

What seems like an insignificant light in the darkness

Sheds light enough for others to find their way

And so it is for parents, teachers, leaders and directors of Religious

Formation and Education.

You nourish your little flame with a community of faith believers,

With participation in the Church,

With your study of the Church,

With your prayers and with your growing relationship with God.

In your words and actions children and adults alike will not only learn the ways of the Church

But will see the Light of Christ in your eyes and desire to find it in their own.

As you grow in your faith and continue on your journey

May you find the strength and wisdom to share your flame with others.

May God continue to be the oxygen that allows your flame to

Grow and never be extinguished,

May God continue to whisper His wisdom in your ears,

Breathe life into your words

And shower you with His grace of unconditional love

So that you may share it with all whom you encounter

All the days of your life.  Amen

By Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp. Visit www.Faithfilledmom.com.