Sister Angela Persano

Angela Persano

Angela Persano

My years as a Sister of the Holy Family are a Mystery.  Wanting to be a Prima Ballerina was my dream from early childhood.  God had other plans!  “Follow Me.”

In turn He gifted me by allowing me to praise Him through Liturgical Dance.  His melody has resounded within me these past 50 years and evoked within me a symphony of “yeses” as I could see His reflection not only in the eyes of the children as I taught them Catechism, but also in the hearts of their parents.

My ministry for the last 17 years in the Finance Department is another “yes” as I look upon the wisdom that comes with age.  I thank my family and friends who have always inspired me to do God’s will.  I am especially grateful to the late Msgr. Bernard J. Moran who also gave me much inspiration enabling me to continue to devote myself to His service.