My first memory of the Holy Family Sisters was when I was in Sister Colette’s First Communion class.

Sister Adrienne Andreani

Golden Jubiliarian Sister Adrienne Andreani

I thought she was the most beautiful, kind person I’d ever met. From then on I couldn’t wait for summer vacation because that meant four Sisters would be coming for six weeks of instruction in Fort Bragg and Mendocino.

I can still picture Sister Daniel with her cape flowing leading the parade of about 100 children from one end of the town to the other right down Main Street to the Portuguese Hall for classes, singing and all kinds of fun activities. I was probably in junior high when my vacation school experience changed.

The Sisters “adopted” us (my younger sister was always with me) when they arrived each summer We went all over with them and I must say they kept us very busy.  They even took us with them to Mendocino and we loved every minute of our time with the Sisters. Just before the end of vacation school, they took us on a picnic. Looking back we were included in every activity but eating. They were cultivating me all along.

Over the years many Holy Family Sisters touched my life and that of my family and for them I shall always be grateful.