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A few weeks ago I took an early morning walk around the Motherhouse.  A refrain kept coming up in me:  “who would have dreamed that…’


Who would have dreamed that a young woman would migrate from Sydney, Australia with her family and be drawn to respond to the needs of families struggling to survive in the streets of SF in the wake of the gold rush and that she would risk founding a community of women committed to comfort, to minister to those people?

Who would have dreamed that the small band of Sisters would move from SF to the “country” (Fremont!) to expand their ministry and that one day they would be found in the western states, including Alaska and Hawaii, as well as South Dakota, Kentucky and Texas?

Who would have dreamed that the house they built would one day become a care center and a day site for ON LOK LIFEWAYS to serve health needs of seniors in the Fremont area?

Who would have dreamed that 6 acres of the Fremont property would become a wonderful village of affordable housing?

Who would have dreamed that as the needs in society change, new responses fostering sustainability and justice would also grow?

Who would have dreamed that some women and men would feel called to enter into covenant before God and with the Sisters of the Holy Family, to continue seeking out, reaching out, giving comfort to the people?

Today we live this Mystery of waiting for and hastening the dream …the day of the coming of God, a new heaven and a new earth!    It is already manifest and not yet finished!

Jean Hamilton

Jean Hamilton

Today we welcome with open hearts and deep joy another companion on this way.   Jean Hamilton makes her first covenant as an Associate of the Sisters of the Holy Family !

Jean, you risk this journey and adventure with us as we continue our commitment to:

“ the awakening of a new reverence for life,

the firm resolve to achieve sustainability,

the quickening of the struggle  for justice and peace,

and the joyful celebration of life”!     (Earth Charter)

Together, let us:

“wait for the Beloved,   be strong with courage of the heart;

YES!  Wait for the Beloved of your heart! “      (Ps 27)

God’s dream, your dream are not yet finished!  Let’s hasten the day!

Marietta Fahey, SHF

Dec. 6, 2008