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How to leave home quickly!  One gets on a Harley and drives off into the sunset.  One drives for a while and goes into the mountains of Washington heading south and hits the Oregon/California border. It is time to say good night and so you look for an inexpensive motel and yet it has to be a clean one.

Sister Loretta

Sister Loretta, in 2010 Celebrating her Golden Jubilee

The next morning you head south for Fremont, California.  When you arrive in Fremont it is about one in the afternoon and you need to have some refreshment before you head for the Holy Family Motherhouse.  There is a small restaurant on Mission Boulevard so in one goes to get some lunch. I meet a young man who is interested in my Harley and wonders if I am interested in selling it.  I say that I am if I decide to enter the Sisters of the Holy Family since I have not totally made up my mind if I am or if I will get back on the Harley and ride into the sunset heading this time to the north.  The young man gives me his phone number and tells me to call him if I want to sell it.  After lunch I get on the Harley and head for the Sisters of the Holy Family Motherhouse and pull into the driveway off Mission Boulevard and race the motor one last time before going on the property.

As I come down the hill and around the corner I see some nuns on the front steps and I think that I should exit but something tells me to continue.  I go to the front of the building, park my bike, get off, take off my helmet and shake out my hair.  I put the helmet on the bike and unzip my jacket and look up and the sisters are all staring at me.   Then I really wanted to leave but they were speaking to me and I could not get away.  By the time I got to them, one of whom I find out was Mother Perpetua, had her mouth open and was in a state of shock or wondering what she had gotten into with this biker coming into the convent.

I began to feel even more uncomfortable and wanted to crawl away and take my bike and leave, but it was too late.  The Sisters invited me in and gave me a drink and some cookies since I must be thirsty and hungry after being on the bike.  I explained to them that I had just had lunch but that did not do any good and they told me that good Holy Family Sisters always had good appetites.  We talked for a while and then Sister Teresita came and they talked for a while, and then they told me that I would be staying with Sister Teresita’s sister until it was time for me to enter.

I called the young man that I promised the bike to and he came and got it.  I went to San Jose with Sister Teresita to meet her sister and brother-in-law and their two boys.  I had a great time while I was there and I entered the Sisters of the Holy Family on January 5, 1960.

And here I am 50 years later after many experiences in Day Home and Parish Ministry and Special Education in the Catholic School System and then retiring from teaching in the Public School System.  I have enjoyed all of these years and am now working in the Archives at the Motherhouse of the Sisters of the Holy Family and enjoying it very much.