Associate Dolores Buckholz

Associate Dolores Buckholz

Associate Dolores Buckholz

The influence of the Sisters of the Holy Family charism entered my life as a high school student in 1946 at St. Michael’s parish in San Francisco where I was assisting Sister John Marie with “catechism classes” as they were referred to then. The Sisters welcoming, friendly spirit, concern for the poor, love of the children impressed me, so for the next four years I cherished my parish ministry. For a number of years I learned and lived out the charism bequeathed to Holy Family by Sister Dolores as a member of the SHF Community.

The charism is an integral part of my life and faith growth as a baptized Christian living out the Paschal Mystery daily. It is a call to make the Lord’s presence felt by my interactions with others. I feel blessed to share this commitment surrounded by Sisters and Associates who love and breath this charism to life today.  I am so blessed to share and experience this spirit!


Associate Denise (Beauregard) Delvin

I have been a Hospice Volunteer for over 20 years. This ministry is so important to me that I know I will always be involved. I have such strong feelings of love, honor and respect for all the blessed patients and their families that have allowed me into the last days and thoughts of their lives. I have always thought that within those walls is hallowed ground. I am honored to serve them.

Associate Barbara Erickson

I have lived in Fremont for 40 years. My husband and I helped start Santa Paula Parish in Fremont. It is now called Our Lady of Guadalupe. He and I both taught CCD but he continued teaching for many more years than I. I was a public school teacher so my job interfered with teaching CCD.

The Holy Family Sisters were in charge of the CCD program at the time. My husband and I became very good friends with many of the Sisters. I was always impressed by their caring, their friendliness and interest in our children. They contributed so much to our parish life. After the Sisters left our parish, I still kept in contact with them. My husband passed away five years ago. I had a spiritual awakening from him that I should be involved with the Sisters again, because he felt they could help me on my spiritual journey. I have been learning about the Sisters’ charism for three years. I am hoping that charism is not solely in me but is being shared and passed on to others that I meet through my ministry. I serve my parish as a Eucharistic Minister and work with the Hospitality Committee. My Eucharistic Ministry has taken me to Kaiser Hospital in Fremont to give communion to the sick.

I have grown spiritually and I am helping to spread the charism of the Sisters in my retirement, my tutoring and substitute teaching, and in my own family environment and the friendships I encounter. My family is a very important part of my life (3 children, 9 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren).