Sister Marietta

Sister Marietta Fahey, Celebrating 50 years as a Sister of the Holy Family

I entered the Sisters of the Holy Family, July 1, 1960, because I felt deeply loved by God and I wanted to commit my life to helping people and families come to know how deeply they are loved by God.  That, really, is all I wanted to “teach”.   The spirit and works of Holy Family resonated in me.

Through various ministries, I have been graced to discover how God works in the hearts and lives of people, no matter the difficulties, darkness, distress.

I experience that holiness is very ordinary; it is living daily life from one’s deepest convictions, hope, love.  It is the ongoing integration of personal growth stages and spirituality.  It is not only coming to believe in God, but in oneself, living all one is created to be and making a difference in our world.

I discovered that God works in and through me, in very ordinary ways, especially through my listening heart, my capacity to “be there” to assist a person or group in exploring their own journey through discernment and teaching tools for growth.  As one person grows the family grows!

“Vocation is that place where my deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.”
~Frederick Buechner

YES!    My delight is to meet others wherever they are on their journey and accompany them in the discovery of their deep gladness. I love to see their goodness and giftedness overflow to meet some of the world’s deep needs.

And I learned a long time ago:   “They all really belong to YOU!”  (Jn.17:9)  so I do what I can and then entrust them all back to the Heart of God!

Marietta Fahey   2/2010

I came to know myself as SHF through the eyes of the people also:

–   “You are our sister”

–   “You are our pastor”

–   “You listen.”

–   “You love our family”

–   “Your way of living simply, with beauty, shows me how to do the same.  And it doesn’t have to cost lots of money.”

–   “You are there for us”