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I saw an rose unfolding, a thing of exqusite beauty, a marvel of creation, an everlasting rose.

A Marvel of Creation: the Rose

A Marvel of Creation

The dew drops glistened on its petals.
it’s perfume filled the air.
My heart was filled with joy
at the sight, but as I gazed my eyes filled with tears,
for tomorrow it would be no more,
I would see its petals lying faded and lifeless on the ground.

“Oh for a rose that will never die,” I moaned in my grief.
In the evening I walked on the everlasting shore.
A rose of ethereal beauty was placed in my hand.
Its heavenly aroma surrounded me,
“This one will never die,” I heard its Creator say.
Then half in jest, “Are you happy now?”
I gazed at the rose, but again my eyes filled with tears.
Must I spend my eternity staring at this rose?
Then I dared to lift my eyes and look
into the face of the Eternal God.
At that moment my soul seemed to expand
beyond the limits of the universe
I saw all the beauties of creation.
I heard myriads of voices singing a mighty alleluia.
I heard music like the peal of a great organ
that trembled the stars.
And my soul was thrilled in the embrace of a love
That has no beginning and no end.
Yes I’m happy now, I answered, filled with a joy
that mere words cannot describe.

~by Sister Helen Hansen S.H.F., 1997