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My God is not a god of perfection.
She is a God of Harmony.
For if only he is perfect, where do I fit in?
The God I know has created a world struggling for balance.
A World in relationship with itself –
All the creations and forces within it,
hunger and plenty,
need and caring,
selfishness and vision,
darkness and light,
cold and warmth of body and spirit,
death and life.
We are given the example of a God intensely involved in relationship,
-a loving Parent who knows the joy of life and the pain of death;
-a Child who grows to choose between what seems to be life but isn’t truth,
-and what seems to be truth but looks like death;
-a Spirit of Love who weaves and reweaves the tapestry of life with the
reality of God—the glittering refractions of light and insight that dance
about us.
Look, there She is—I see Her now!I reach out to touch Her,
She takes my hand and my heart for an instant and I am transformed.
But She is gone, laughing like water over rocks in a swift moving stream,
“Isn’t it enough that I am always with you?
A God you hold too tight is not a God of life.
For life is not stagnant and neither is God.
I have made you beautiful.
I have made you enough.
I have made you to learn and grow—to reach beyond yourself.
It is indeed a perilous journey encompassing both agony and ecstasy.
But know that all the death and life you taste
I have tasted before you.”

~Written by Mary Anne Wittman SHF