Here is a wonderful article about ICCR written by Clyde Haberman of The New York Times. Haberman,  evidently had been following the work of ICCR and all of us members .

In the column, Haberman points out “If ever the corporate world could use a healthy infusion of responsibility, this would seem to be the time.” The piece not only affirms the relevance of our members’ work during this proxy season, but it honors the genuine spirit of our mission over our 40-year history of corporate engagement.



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Justice Organizers Leadership Treasurers (JOLT)

JOLT is a coalition of religious-based congregations ministering in California, whose purpose is to act out Gospel values for economic justice through: (1) education related to the responsible use of economic resources and (2) action / implementation on the congregational level. Activities include alternative investments, shareholder resolutions and corporate social accountability.