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Emotions are energy in motion: E-motion.

We feel deeply and that takes us somewhere. But where?

Lately, I’ve been struck by how much easier it is to focus on the emotional aspects of human trafficking than the less sensational realities which demand personal lifestyle change. Emotions can either give us the energy to move decisively forward, or can be a smokescreen, deflecting personal responsibility and steering us off course. For example, we become angry and demand action when faced with child sex trafficking (and we should!), but then turn around and eat tomatoes picked by slaves in our fields. Labor trafficking is not as sensational and doesn’t get the same press as sex trafficking, but it is still modern slavery. We contribute every day to labor trafficking. We can not be content with freeing kids from pimps and then eat tomatoes harvested by slaves. It’s fairly easy to get angry about something I read in the paper. It’s more difficult to sacrifice parts of my lifestyle permeated by slavery.

Are we just getting high off the emotion of righteous anger or are we using the energy to propel us
beyond awareness to lifestyle change and smart activism?

What are your thoughts about this?

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