As a Jesuit and Catholic University, the University of Santa Clara continually tries to find ways to fulfill their sustainability mission: “[W]e have the responsibility to provide leadership in developing a more sustainable way of living. By embracing sustainability, the University furthers its mission to act as a voice of reason, conscience, and service to society.”

At the level of the classroom, the challenge of adapting sustainability into the curricula is certainly not the same for every faculty member. Faculty in different colleges and departments face unique challenges when folding sustainability into everyday course work. Some struggle more with convincing colleagues of the importance of sustainability, while others must creatively find ways to integrate the commitments of Catholic social teaching- especially to human life and dignity and to the poor- into their particular academic discipline. This profile highlights three faculty members from different colleges, showcasing their approaches to integrating sustainability across the curriculum.

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We found this originally from the http://catholicclimatecovenant.org/

From a Franciscan Research Analyst

Ríobart É. Breen, SFO Ph.D, writes that “contemporary Franciscans in particular are being called upon to draw deeply from the Franciscan Tradition to provide leadership in efforts to address Climate Change.” Read his entire statement here.