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In celebration of the Sinulog fiesta, several programs and activities are lined up by the Cebu City Government and the Sinulog Foundation. Apart from the main spectacle which is the Sinulog grand parade, various trade fairs and product displays are organized to add vitality and vibrance to the festivity.

Sinulog Trade Fair: Cebu’s Best

Sinulog Trade Fair: Cebu’s Best

One of these highlights is the Sinulog Tourism and SME Trade Fair 2006 in Plaza Independencia. It aims to further promote the unique products created by Filipinos. Since Cebu is the import and export hub of the country, It will be participated in by micro, small, and medium enterprises from different sectors such as accessories; gifts, toys. and house wares (GTH); home furnishings; food. The Sinulog SME Trade Fair will showcase Cebu’s best quality and reasonably-priced products. It will also be featuring the finest products of the different municipalities all over Cebu Province such as the bisayang manok of Dumanjug; tasty torta of Argao; danggit of Bantayan; the shoes, lechon, and chicharon of Carcar; rosquillos of Liloan; and a lot more.

In coming out with trade fairs such as these, Cebu will not only be known as world-class tourist destination but also a haven of uniquely designed and top of the line products. Tourist, balikbayans, and other regional visitors will witness and be amazed with all the globally competitive products that are both superior in quality and marketability.

As of today, Cebu has been exporting goods internationally such as furniture, garments and coconut oil. Cebu has also topped the fashion industry with internationally acclaimed designers and interior designers who have created beautiful home improvement equipments. Bathroom equipments such as shower head,outdoor shower for the pool and shower cubicles are one of the notable creations. Walk in shower, bathroom counter top and bath shower faucet are also notable bathroom equipments along with interior renovations using frameless shower doors. Sofa, living room chairs and office equipments are some of the most exported furniture. Truly, even the goods alone are enough reason for tourist and travelers to visit Cebu.

Plaza Independencia has been identified to be ideal venue for SME Trade Fair because of it’s accessibility, space capacity, and availability of amenities. It could also help out in dispersing or decongesting the visitors and spectators of the Sinulog celebration who are usually seen in Osmeña Boulevard or at the Fuente Osmeña circle. The Sinulog’s fiesta atmosphere is aptly maintained not only in the uptown areas but also in downtown areas as well.

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