1) EWTN has a huge website that includes streaming television, radio, audio podcasts of many of their TV shows and thousands of articles and documents.  You can watch the live programming according to the current EWTN schedule by clicking on the‘Watch/Listen’ tab on the left side of the EWTN homepage or by clicking HERE.  The page that opens up gives several options for watching EWTN programs live.  If you click down the page you will also see links to watch (or listen to the audio of) the most recent episodes of your favorite EWTN programs, such as ‘The Journey Home’

2)  Salt and Light TV is a Canadian Catholic Television Network.  Their homepage contains many videos of current programs and links to their archived programs, but if you just want to watch, you can click on the WATCH LIVE link near the top right hand side of the page.

3)  Catholic TV We had the great pleasure to tour the Catholic TV studios in Boston and meet Father Reed last summer.   Catholic TV offers all of their programming on demand, which means you can click on the program and choose specific episodes to watch.  If you just want to watch what is currently playing, click on ‘Watch Catholic TV Live‘ on the homepage.

4) Familyland.tv The Apostolate for Family Consecration offers original programs and classic television programs on demand.  Just go to the  Familyland TV Online page which has a whole bunch of picture icons around a central screen.  Scrolling over any of the picture icons will give display a whole bunch of programs in that category.  Click on the one you want to watch and enjoy.


This is just a few places you can watch Catholic Media online.