Imagine a referendum on the ballot that counts people who don’t vote as voting “no.” Or a political election in which non-voters are all counted as voting for the incumbent. Ridiculous. Anti-democratic. That wouldn’t happen in America, right?

Well, tomorrow the U.S. House of Representatives will vote on a bill to reauthorize funding for the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) that would stop railroad and airline workers from having a free election to form a union.

The new rules would require the workers to get a majority of all eligible voters to form a union, not just those who voted. Non-voters will be counted as “no” votes. This is not democracy!

As people of faith and conscience, we must stand up to assaults on the rights of all workers, particularly those that attack not just worker rights, but democracy itself.

Please contact your Representative NOW to let him or her know we will not tolerate this undemocratic process. The only votes that should count are the votes that are actually cast!

In peace and justice,

Ted Smukler
Public Policy Director
Interfaith Worker Justice