Ideas for Family Easter Celebrations

  • Everything we have done as a family during the forty days of Lent has led us to this day. It is time for rejoicing! It is appropriate to bring out the best of everything for the feast of Easter Day. Flowers, china — the works. If you can, though, have food that doesn’t take a lot of last-minute preparation, so that instead of fretting too much in the kitchen, like Martha, you have time to rejoice with Jesus, like Mary.
  • Easter baskets and Easter egg hunts and lawn rolls are surely a universal occupation of American children on Easter morning along with chocolate eggs and bunnies and marshmallow peeps and jelly beans and green Easter grass all over the carpet and keeping the dog and the baby out of the chocolate! Nearly every family has its own special customs and traditional foods for Easter.
  • “Alleluia Egg — an egg painted gold, or perhaps with Alleluia written on it. The child who finds the Alleluia egg is accorded a special honor such as getting to light the Christ Candle and say a prayer at mealtime, or being allowed to cut and serve the Easter cake; or choosing the next family activity.
  • In addition to the requisite excess of candy eggs, we hope you’ve included in the basket something a little more lasting, like the inexpensive little books of Bible stories for the younger children; perhaps a medal or picture or a biography of a child’s patron saint; even a recording of religious music would be welcomed by some older children.
  • Decorations for the Easter table do not have to be lilies, but could be any spring flowers arranged in a pretty bowl or basket. Daffodils would be nice for their sunshiny color. Candles really ought to be part of the table decorations, not only because they are so festive, but because of the allusion to the Light of Christ.
  • Write the name of each family member or guest on an Easter egg to use as a place card.
  • Make an Easter lamb cake. You can buy a lamb-shaped cake mold to bake it in. Decorate it with white frosting sprinkled liberally with flaked coconut to represent wool, and give it eyes of raisins or chocolate chips. Little children just love these lamb cakes and bigger ones can help with the decorating.
  • Another cake idea (simpler but pretty) is to make cupcakes, decorate them with green colored frosting sprinkled with green shredded coconut “grass” (just add a few drops of green food coloring to a tablespoon or so of water, then stir in the coconut until it is nicely dyed.) With few jelly beans (or, even better, one or two coated chocolate “bird eggs”) on the top, each little cake will become a colorful Easter egg nest.
  • Make colored deviled eggs. Peel hard-cooked eggs and dye them in a cup of water to which you add a few drops of food coloring and about a tablespoon of vinegar. Either leave the eggs whole to decorate the meat platter, or make deviled eggs. Either way they are pretty — especially on a bed of bright green parsley.

You can get dozens of holiday ideas from household magazines and the food section of newspapers. The main difference in the celebration and festivities in a Christian household is that we know what we’re celebrating and why!

Alleluia Alleluia Alleluia