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By Sr. Geraldine Garbarino

One of the seasons I enjoyed most was winter when we took our yearly trips to New York. On one occasion my sister Adrian and I took a trip at Christmas. It was during the snow season. Not experiencing snow in our part of California, it was a treat. Our week’s stay was with my brother Dave and his wife Rose in their Brooklyn Heights home. This is a historical area with homes built in the 1800s that are preserved to this day. This area is at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge, which connects the East River from Manhattan and Brooklyn.

I loved dressing up in winter clothes hat, scarf, gloves, and winter boots, then stamping around the snow covered streets. About a mile from Dave’s home is Montague Street. It is an area of small shops, cafes, bakeries, and unique art galleries. Entering these shops out of the snow was like being near a fireplace.

It was a wonderful week of experiences except for the final day. A frightening incident occurred on our flight back to San Francisco. We were about twenty minutes up in the aircraft when a call came for us to return to the terminal. There was a slow burning fire in one of the wings. On our landing, there were fire trucks, ambulances, and other equipment to greet us. Luckily the plane landed safely. Our fears returned later thinking of all that could have happened.

Even though our week had been a joyful one, we never planned our winter trips to New York at that time again. Yearly trips were planned in warmer months.

Later on I enjoyed the snow in the winter months when I traveled to Arnold, California, without the aircraft hassles.