All over the world, millions of people are waking up and taking action, transitioning into sustainable community models led by individuals. Awakening the Dreamer is inspiring people to find what their job is in creating an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on the planet. Blair Souder developed the idea for Shift My Gift. Shift My Gift is an easy and effective tool to empower people to reallocate their resources to create a sustainable, just, and thriving society and motivate others to do the same. “Now we can not only influence our own consumption, but that of others as well.”

Shift My Gift is a digital tool that enables users to divert money that would be spent on gifts they don’t need towards charities and nonprofits of their choice. Users can transform a celebration of any event in their lives such as a birthday or anniversary into an opportunity for friends and family to redirect their gift toward a cause that is meaningful to the user. This vision is completely aligned with Pachamama’s work in looking deeply at what is meaningful in one’s life, and reallocating your resources to create the world you want to see. By cutting down on consumption and the use of materials, Shift My Gift is creating a space for a thriving, just, and sustainable world.

To learn more about Shift My Gift or to learn how you can shift your gifts to the Pachamama Alliance, visit