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By Tina Gregory, HiTechCatholic, Livermore, CA, 3/7/2012 – Hi Tech Catholic (www.hitechcatholic.com)

Did your Lenten discipline of praying, fasting and giving begin to weaken as the last smudge of forehead ash disappeared?  Take a look these 5 ways to jump start your personal Lent digital style.


HiTechCatholic shares digital Catholic resources for deepening your faith.

WASHINGTON,DC (Catholic Online) – It’s not too late to have a deeply meaningful Lenten journey.  If you’re plugged in to a computer or mobile device during most of the day, you’re actually in luck!  Here are 5 digital suggestions to get repented:
1)  Download the Divine Office for your mobile device, or pray daily online

Divine Office was voted the #1 best Catholic App on About.com in 2011, and has a good running chance to take home gold again in 2012.   The Liturgy of the Hours, the official set of prayers intended for each part of the day, comes to life with music and a variety of gifted voices.  Pop in your ear buds and pray along while stuck in traffic, while out for an afternoon walk or while waiting in the parking lot at baseball practice.

2) Proofread books for Bookshare® 

Bookshare® is an online library of digital books for people with print disabilities — such as low vision, blindness or dyslexia.  Volunteers are always needed to proofread digital files of books to improve quality, scan new books and submit them electronically and to write reviews of books.

3) Watch Father Barron’s YouTube video about prayer, fasting and alms-giving.

In a little more than 6 minutes, you’ll have a greater understanding and be re-devoted to your Lenten journey.  While you’re at it, watch a whole bunch more of his videos.  Each one is priceless.

4) Read the article on 18 Ideas for Lent 

Sometimes we think in too grand of terms.  Like if I don’t fast every day, whipping and flogging myself, I’m not “doing” Lent.  In reality, it’s often a collection of small things that bring us the closest to God.  Or even 18 small things.

5) “Like” Saint of the Day on Facebook  

Take a break from Mafia Wars, Slot-o-Mania and Words with Friends to learn about each day’s Saint. Getting to know these holy people sets the tone for an inspiring day.


Tina Gregory is the editor of Hi Tech Catholic, a blog for sharing digital Catholic resources for deepening your faith.  “Like” Hi Tech Catholic on Facebook too.

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