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We received this email today from  TAKE FIVE FOR FAITH and we wanted to share it with you for reflection for the weekend! It’s quite nice!  

Friday, April 27

tree of life

tree of life

Plant a tree of life
When J. Sterling Morton moved to Nebraska in 1854, one of the first things he and his wife did was plant their property with trees, bushes, and flowers. On the prairie, trees were important: They acted as windbreaks, helped prevent soil erosion, could be used for firewood and construction, and provided shade. Morton was a newspaper editor and later a Nebraska Territory official, and he used both those platforms to promote tree-planting, culminating in a national holiday for the proper planting of trees: Arbor Day. “Each generation,” Morton said, “takes the earth as trustees.” What God has given, each generation is to protect and pass on. Get involved in your local Arbor Day activities or find some other ways to conserve God’s great gift of creation.

TODAY’S READINGS: Acts 9:1-20; John 6:52-59 (277)
“The living Father sent me and I have life because of the Father.”

Alice Camille, Daniel Grippo, Caroline Hopkinson, Father Larry Janowski, O.F.M., Ann O’Connor, Joel Schorn, Patrice J. Tuohy, and Sister Julie Vieira, I.H.M.

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