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This year humanity will experience the largest global observance of the International Day of Peace ever.  In fact, many events are lasting longer – a few days, a full week or more.  Most of these will occur during the time period between the anniversary of Sept. 11th and Oct. 2nd, which is Gandhi’s birthday and a holiday in many parts of the world.

Many organizations also use these observances as an opportunity to promote their year round Peacebuilding efforts whether their focus is on human rights, the environment, education, humanitarian relief, poverty, health care, disarmament or international cooperation.  This helps to create long term impact beyond the annual observance.

One capstone of this year’s observance is the UN Summit for The Millennium Development Goals, which occurs during the week when the world observes the International Day of Peace.  To learn more about these goals and this summit, go to: www.un.org/millenniumgoals/

One way that people all over the world show their support for this event is The Stand Up Campaign – To End Poverty .  Last year over 170 million people participated!  http://www.endpoverty2015.org/stand-up

The UN’s theme for the International Day of Peace this year is “Youth, Peace and Development”; it’s slogan is: “Peace = Future”.  Nations and governments all across the globe are participating on many levels – from proclamations to ceasefires to humanitarian aid.  This year the African Union is requesting that the entire continent of Africa observe this occasion.  For more information about UN observances and activities, go to:   http://www.un.org/en/events/peaceday/2010/

Here are ideas to enhance your activities:

We have created a promotional video for The International Day of Peace that everyone may use or share.   It gets the message across, while being upbeat and entertaining, and it’s just under 3 minutes long.  Feel free toembed it on your website, your Facebook page, or to include it in your newsletters and press releases.

The Peace Day Global Broadcast will be featured on the www.internationaldayofpeace.org andwww.cultureofpeace.org websites, from Sept. 17 to Sept. 21.  In addition you can embed it into your website!

This year’s broadcast will give major focus to promoting the UN Millennium Development Goals – with videos on solutions to major problems facing humanity and the environment, music from internationally known musicians, speeches from world leaders, and news updates from the United Nations.

A Preview of the broadcast can be viewed at  www.peaceday.tv. Organizations, socially responsible businesses and individuals can embed the video player for the Preview on their websites and begin broadcasting the Preview themselves. Below the video player you will see an “embed” icon. Click on the “embed” link and you will receive the “embed code”. Please share www.peaceday.tv on Facebook, Twitter, in your newsletters, and via email. Help make “PEACE DAY” the next viral movement.

The broadcast will include videos from UNICEF, The Millennium Campaign, The United Nations Development Programme, The Elders, The World Peace Prayer Society, The United Religions Initiative, Pathways To Peace, The UN Foundation, We the World / The WE Campaign, Peace One Day, Water.org, Willie Nelsen, Jane Goodall / Roots and Shoots, The Peace Alliance, UNIFEM, Friends of the United Nations, The One Campaign, EarthDance, CARE, The UN World Food Program, Action Against Hunger, The Unity Foundation, The Peace Pole Project, The World Economic Forum, Amnesty International, Rainforest Action Network, and many more organizations, as well as hundreds of public figures, international leaders and well known entertainers committed to creating peace on our planet.

Reminder, please list your event(s) on the two main web sites that people use to locate eventswww.internationaldayofpeace.org and www.cultureofpeace.org .  Note, a listing placed on either of these sites automatically appears on the other site to make it easier for you. Only 1(one) submission is necessary.  The Culture of Peace Initiative creates an annual report for the UN of events that occur around the world in observance of the International Day of Peace.  Observances listed on these sites are included.

It is now time to send press releases to local and national media – print (daily and weekly newspapers and magazines); radio (news and event listings); TV (network and local cable); and online (news sites, blogs, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)  Feel free to use any content from this newsletter as a framework to illustrate what a huge worldwide observance this is – and to clarify how your organization is participating and creating a part of the solution for humanity.  We plan to send out a press release template in a few days for CPImembers to use.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to friends, family, or members of your organization.  People can also sign up to receive it directly on the CPI homepage at www.cultureofpeace.org

Other large events:PeaceWeek online.  Avon Mattison, the co-founder and President of Pathways To Peace is one of the featured speakers during the week long Global Telesummit for Creating a Culture of Peace at http://peaceweek.info/International Positive Week.  Pathways To Peace in cooperation with Rotary International and Sister Cities International has created the inaugural UN NGO Positive Peace Awards.  Positive Week runs during the same week as the International Day of Peace and the UN Summit for the Millennium Development Goals.  www.celebratepositive.com

Dozens of organizations at the following link on our website conduct thousands of events for the International Day of Peace. 

In addition to those listed under the Global Peace Day Broadcast (above), you can learn about the involvement of organizations like Circle of Peace, The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict / People Building Peace, Service for Peace, Pinwheels for Peace, The Global Peace Film Festival, ENO (Environment On Line), PeaceJam, Paz con Todo, The Odyssey Networks / A Million Minutes for Peace, Friends of the United Nations, Mayors for Peace, The Global Mala, Celebration Earth, The 11 Days of Global Unity, The London Week of Peace, The IDP Vigils, and more.