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Advent season

Advent Candles

Advent Begins

Be awake! Be alert!

This is what God is saying to us today—
The savior Christ is coming!
Let us not be caught up in trivial things, because
God takes on human flesh –
The God who cares for each of us, all of us—the sick, the suffering, the homeless, the needy,
Advent asks us to embody Christ and watch.
Can I be another Christ?
To those I live with,
To those I cannot relate with,
To those who are homeless,
To those who are hungry,
To those who are needy.
God becomes real for us –
In scripture,
In the Eucharist,
In community.
Jesus is living, alive in us
Come, Lord Jesus!

Be Awake Alert

Savior, Christ with us today

Advent, be Christ

First week of advent:
Today we hear the gospel message to wake up and tune in. This first week of Advent is the time to stop our normal routine and listen for the signs around and within us. The Sunday readings proclaim that the Day of the Lord is coming. How will we prepare ourselves?
(From catholic update, St. Anthony messenger)
Advent devotions
The season of advent serves as a reminder of the original waiting for the birth the messiah, Jesus Christ as well as the waiting for Christ to return at the end of time, it is a time of preparation, a time to shut down the distractions in our everyday life – the cell phone, iPhone, iPod, TV, or what have you and bring the family together in prayer and devotion. Below you will find suggestions for devotions to matte this a beautiful time to prepare for the coming of Jesus.