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Las PosadasSince 1982, Las Posadas, Mary and Joseph’s Journey to Bethlehem, has been a tradition in the Mission San Jose Neighborhood. This year our journey with Mary and Joseph will be from Friday, December 14 – Friday, December 21, 2012, the first and last evenings we will meet at 6pm on the porch of the Mission Museum. We then walk to a nearby destination, where we will sing carols, then enjoy entertainment and light refreshments provided by our host. All other evenings we will meet just outside the host location at 6:30pm. Check below for a listing of host locations.

Fri. Dec 14 Von Till Law Office, Anza St.
6pm Meet at the Mission Museum Porch and walk to: 152 Anza Street (Old Rectory)

Sat. Dec 15 Mission San Jose Museum,
6:30pm Meet at the Mission Museum Porch

Sun. Dec 16 Dominican Sisters Motherhouse,
AAAAHZ – Jim Burris
6:30pm Meet at the Motherhouse, above & behind the Old Mission

Mon. Dec 17 Mission Coffee House,
Kristen del Rio, Soprano
6:30pm Meet at 151 Washington Boulevard

Tues. Dec 18 Sisters of the Holy Family Motherhouse,
First United Methodist Church
6:30pm Meet at 159 Washington Boulevard

Wed. Dec 19 The Cheese Taster,
Sharon Xavier de Sousa, Soprano
6:30pm Meet at 43367 Mission Boulevard

Thurs. Dec 20 Better Homes & Gardens,
Band of Gold
6:30pm Meet at 43430 Mission Boulevard Suite # 100

Fri. Dec 21 Museum of Local History,
Center Stage Singers
6pm Meet at the Mission Museum Porch and walk to: 190 Anza Street