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The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is jointly observed every year from January 18 through January 25 by the Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches. The theme for theWeek of Prayer for Christian Unity 2013 is “What does God require of us?,” a reference to Micah 6:6-8:

What shall I offer to the Lord that is worthy? wherewith shall I kneel before the high God? shall I offer holocausts unto him, and calves of a year old? May the Lord be appeased with thousands of rams, or with many thousands of fat of he goats? shall I give my firstborn for my wickedness, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul? I will shew thee, O man, what is good, and what the Lord requireth of thee: Verily, to do judgment, and to love mercy, and to walk solicitous with thy God.

Each day of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2013 has its own theme:

  • January 18: Walking in conversation
  • January 19: Walking with the broken body of Christ
  • January 20: Walking towards freedom
  • January 21: Walking as children of the earth
  • January 22: Walking as the friends of Jesus
  • January 23: Walking beyond barriers
  • January 24: Walking in solidarity
  • January 25: Walking in celebration

During the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2013, I will have the privilege of being in Rome, still—despite all of the divisions between Christians—the chief symbolic location of Christian unity. Wherever we are, however, we can walk with the Holy Father and Christians throughout the world during this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2013 by praying every day for Christian unity.