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Isaiah 43: 16-21

Tell us to remember not the things of the past- the things long ago consider not.

I ask WHY ? Perhaps I will get bogged down and not move on.

Or perhaps I will try to put the Spirit in the BOX or may be it will stand in the way of my being open to the NEW. The Spirit is bringing forth.

I ask myself and I ask you – how many times have we been asked to move since leaving our families and homes of origin. How many times have we moved our place of ministry and actual ministry?

Many changes have come about due to health and age. Certainly the Spirit is doing something NEW. Let us not keep Her in a BOX. Let us keep open to the NEW!

If I close my fist and hold the treasure, gift tightly, I will miss the next Gift that is waiting for me.

Let us run with our arms open to WELCOME the Spirit and Her Gifts. We do not have to do the work-we simply must open our arms wide, ready to receive the NEW. It is a GIFT from the ONE Who loves us.