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We saw an article recently on Treehugger, we’d like to share with you:


In the UK and Australia, buying fair-trade and organic chocolates is a lot easier than it is in America. There, ethically made Easter candy is such serious business that The Guardian runs taste comparisons of ethical Easter eggs, and Australian media outlets urge Aussies to choose fair trade chocolates for Easter.

However, in America our lack of ethically produced chocolate options is just embarrassing. If you’re looking to buy organic, vegan or fairtrade chocolates, you may have to choose two out of three — and a rare few offer sustainable packaging. Some of the companies that do actually produce ethical chocolates don’t have them available here. There’s lots of room for improvement.

Bite into these 10 fairtrade and organic Easter chocolates — and the fact that they confirm to your ideals will make them taste even sweeter.

Why is an ethical Easter so hard? «1 of 12» Click the link for a slide show