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When: Always the last Friday in April.

Did you know? The Latin word for “Tree” is “Arbor”…sure you did!!!

Trees make a difference!

Trees make a difference!

National Arbor Day is the Tree Planter’s holiday, and has been celebrated since 1872. It began in Nebraska, a largely treeless plain back in the 1800’s. It is a day to plant and dedicate a tree to help nature and the environment. Millions of trees are planted on this day.

The National Arbor Day Foundation provides millions of trees for planting. It is estimated that 18 million tress are planted each year on Arbor Day.

On Arbor Day, people are encouraged to plant and care for trees. A wide range of events are organized to promote Arbor Day. These include: communal tree planting ceremonies; proclamations by city governments; exhibitions and educational activities on trees and their importance to local communities and the planet as a whole; and fairs, musical performances and open days in garden centers. Schools are encouraged to plan lessons around the theme of trees. Arbor Day awards are also presented to individuals and organizations across the United States and around the world. These are awarded for outstanding service to trees, forestry or related ecological themes.

Bird day, Bird Day, held on May 4th, is often celebrated in conjunction with Arbor Day.