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Our friends at CBS Religion and Culture will begin airing  “Living in the Shadows: Religion’s Response to Human Trafficking”  THIS Sunday, December 15th. In addition to the Super Bowl initiative that Sister Pat Daly is leading in the NY / NJ area they also spoke to Hilary Chester of USCCB / MRS about the Amistad Movement. Some excellent coverage for the Catholic community!

The virtual enslavement of the most vulnerable people such as farm workers and domestic slaves is a shocking problem. Various faith communities are working to expose this horror to give a voice to those suffering from abuses.

In the SF Bay Area, KPIX, Channel 5 will broadcast this on Sunday 12/15 at 5 a.m. You can set your DVR to record and watch!  

To find out when your local station will air World Religions check  the schedule at   https://www.facebook.com/notes/cbs-religion-culture/living-in-the-shadows-religions-response-to-human-trafficking-airs-dec-15/515310405234537

CBS Religion & Culture

Living In The Shadows: Religions Response To Human Trafficking AIRS DEC 15