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You Oughta Be in History, You’re a Unique Story
National Women’s History Month
by Sisters and Associates of the Sisters of the Holy Family

Diane Maguire

Diane Maguire, SHF

I was born into an Irish, Catholic family in San Francisco and took on the values of that “community” as I grew up.   Entering the Sisters of the Holy Family (SHF) at 18 years of age, I grew into that culture and have since grown by assignments and the experiences of the past 49 years in the Sisters of the Holy Family.

The most valued gifts that shaped my early life were the wonderful Mom and Dad I was blessed with at birth.  They laid quite a foundation during my childhood, a time filled with work, learning, play and prayer.  What I remember most about my growing up years was the happy times we spent playing as a family, doing everything from clam digging, beach time, boating, to time at our vacation cabin.  As an adult I think my life has been most shaped by the Sisters in community, and the people I have had the privilege of working with.  It is the low income families, the various cultures that have taught me so much, and the individuals I prayed with who have suffered neglect or abuse, and my friends that have shown me the great gifts these persons are to us all.

I believe that I was/am, gifted in this life and I have the obligation and privilege to share my creativity with others.  I certainly have had “the good life,” and thank my God for it.  Now I have the privilege and responsibility to share with others.

If I could tell only one story about my life, it would be:  I am only “going around” once and what a wonderful ride it has been.