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You Oughta Be in History, You’re a Unique Story
National Women’s History Month
by Sisters and Associates of the Sisters of the Holy Family

by: Lucille Hintze, SHF

Sister Lucille Hintze

Sister Lucille Hintze

I am a 21st century descendant of a ministry which was founded in 1872 by the Sisters of the Holy Family.

Our Sisters visited the sick, the shut-ins, and families who needed help of any kind.  They listened, consoled, and sympathized with the persons they visited.  This ministry was called “home visiting.”  Now I do the very same thing, not by hopping in a car and driving to someone’s home, but by the use of technology.  I write, make telephone calls, and send emails.

Each year that passes seems to bring different problems for all of us:  family, financial, serious illnesses.  We do need someone then with whom to share our concerns, confirm our right to make choices, to comfort, and to encourage.  Therefore, I telephone and send caring, birthday, and anniversary cards now, also by email.  It is possible to travel vast distances in less time than it takes to place a stamp on a letter.

Am I universal in my ministry?  A world traveler?  I am.  Spain, Namibia, Guatemala, Malawi, and USA; all are destinations for my ministry.

Am I ecumenical?  Yes, mostly Catholic, along with Christian, Methodist, Church of Christ, and Presbyterian.  It is the person in need who counts.

With about 127 names on my list, I am sending over 1,000 letters a year.  Naturally the Post Office often tries to sabotage my ministry by raising the postal rates.

We all need someone to listen at times and that is my ministry; to listen, to reaffirm, to sympathize, to comfort, to love, and to confirm God’s love for each and every one of us.  My trademark signature is:  God bless.  Love, Sr. Lucille.

This is my ministry in the “here and now” in the 21st century and in my 89th year of life.