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The silence down
As heavy cloud over the low hills-
of Jerusalem.


The quiet spoke,
with a force more powerful
Than thunder
When the earth quaked in fear and the sun hid shame
At the sight of God-man Crucified

For three days the deadly stillness reigned
Nature watched and waited.
Filled with longing
With hopeful expectancy.

A faint stirring–a rustle–a gentle breeze–
Suddenly the whole world leaped in joy.
The green grass humbly kissed
His wounded feet.
The Flowers bent their lovely heads in homage.
The soft breeze caressed Him
As a mother does her child.

All awaited upon
His caring smile of love
And in that precious moment found the
Meaning of life.

Ao it was then–
So it always will be–

Flowers will watch and wait,
In sheltered gardens
Love arises.

–Sister Lucille Hintze, SHF

Easter Blessings
from the
Sisters of the Holy Family!