About the Sisters

As Gleaners, we stand at the edge of society where Christ is encountered in Word, Silence, and Action where power of His Kingdom pushes out the boundaries of our world.

We will be recognized by our simplicity of life and visible presence among the most abandoned. Our mission as Gleaners will be to serve segments of the population who are under served by Church and social institutions.

The Sisters are gleaners

The Sisters are gleaners

Our coming together as a community will be typical of the gathering of disciples around Jesus. Thus, we are open to the power of the Spirit which unifies and empowers us with a passion for mission.

The richness of our community life will be the result of our commitment to interact with one another and assume the responsibilities of active participation as we live our common faith and mission. This will be enhanced by our spirit of inclusiveness where individuals, drawn by the charism, freely choose levels of participation where they live out their commitment as Vowed members or Associates.

Our position in the world as Gleaners calls our congregation and institutions to a larger social agenda. Toward that end we will network and collaborate with other congregations for the poor; impacting policy with Gospel values and promoting the values upon which we were originally established.

1 thought on “About the Sisters”

  1. Thanks to God for the Sisters of the Holy Family. They taught and gave me a good and solid foundation, religious and academically.


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